Bangor Family Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Michael Pim has been serving the UK community with Chiropractic since 1992. He is best known for supporting individuals with his Whole Health Philosophy. Whether you are seeking help for a current issue or have a desire to maintain or improve your health, you can benefit from Dr. Michael's chiropractic and wellness techniques. Each person is made up of a multitude of pathways that affect and control every part of their body - inside and out. Because of that, the communication between the nervous system and the brain is a key foundation to a person's health and well being. When an interference occurs to that communication, whether from an injury, illness, or misalignment of the spine, this is known in chiropractic as a subluxation. Dr. Michael has been specially trained and is highly experienced on pinpointing that interruption and correcting it naturally. This not only corrects the interruption but also gives the body a chance to do what it was born to do - heal itself.